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Steve Dawson

Inherited House

I inherited a house and didn’t want the hassle of repairs and property taxes. These guys made me a cash offer and I sold it to them within 8 days!


Shirley Cassindo


My husband left and I had to sell the family home. As I have 3 young kids we needed a quick service and that’s what we got.


Tony Nom


I got into financial trouble due to being laid off with Covid. I was stressed, in pain, and needed the house sold. Steve came out, gave me a great cash deal and I got the cash 10 days later so I can start again.

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We buy Houses Austin: Best-Kept Secrets for Selling Your Home for the Best Price

Most people looking to sell their homes want to do so and fetch the best prices possible. Selling a home has long been considered a huge financial transaction due to the hefty sums involved. However, not many know what it takes to get the best possible price for their homes. You might sell your home at a high price but are you really making a profit from the sale of your home?

We Buy Houses Austin – What You Need to Know

Anyone who’s ever tried to sell a home knows that the process isn’t easy at all. There are a lot of things involved and the whole transaction can take months to complete. However, did you know that there is a way you can sell your house fast and get a fair all-cash no-obligation offer for the value of your home? That’s right, at house buyers in Austin, we buy houses Austin, and we offer house sellers a quick, straightforward, stress-free, and cost-free way of selling a house.

If you are looking to sell your home and want to maximize the amount of cash that you will get from the sale, here are some of the top tips for selling your house for top dollar:

i) Make All the Necessary Repairs
If you are looking to sell your house for the best price possible, you need to first ensure that your house is in the best condition possible. Obviously, no buyer wants to invest in a house that will cost them more in terms of repair and restoring the property to the condition that they desire. If your house is in need of repairs, most buyers will pass on it or ask for certain conditions to be met for them to close on the deal. This can significantly affect the amount of money you are eventually left with. To ensure the best deal possible, one of the first steps is to ensure that you make all the required repairs.
At House Buyers in Austin, we understand that not everyone has the cash ready to handle all the costly repairs and upgrades needed to put a house in great shape. This is why we buy houses Austin as-is. This means that we will purchase in whichever condition it is in and we will give you a fair all-cash offer for it.

ii) Depersonalize
While you might be in love with your home and be proud of everything you’ve done with it, when it comes to putting it on the market, this might actually do more harm than good. Keep in mind that what you find appealing may not be necessarily appealing to your potential buyers. Before putting it on the market you need to get rid of all personal items as well as your personal touch from your home decor. In addition, it is recommended that you paint the home with neutral colors. The point here is to give the buyer the freedom to make the space their own.
If they feel that the property is too much the previous owner, they may not feel that comfortable investing in the home.

iii) Maximize Your Curb Appeal
What potential buyers see before they enter your home will have a huge impact on their purchasing decision. They will have formed their own impression of the property. Even if your home’s interior is the most appealing in the neighborhood, they will still have their reservation if your exterior isn’t up to par. So, before putting your house on the market, have some landscaping done, powerwash the driveway, get rid of the clutter, apply a fresh coat of paint to your home’s exterior, trim the bushes, get rid of the clutter, etc. The point here is to make your home’s exterior as appealing as possible. We buy houses Austin as soon as possible.

iv) Have Your Home Professionally Staged
Staging is crucial when it comes to selling a home. It helps to present your home in the best light and highlight its best feature. The main purpose of staging is to make your home as appealing as possible to the vast majority of buyers. Staging helps potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the house. Real estate experts suggest that a home that is professionally staged is more likely to sell faster and at a much higher price than a house that hasn’t been staged.

v) Sell in a Seller’s Market
When there are more houses on sale on the market than there are buyers, the prices will go down. This is referred to as a buyer’s market. On the other hand, when there are more buyers than there are houses on the market, the prices of property will rise, this is referred to as a seller’s market. If you are looking to maximize the amount you earn from the sale of your home without much struggle, this is usually the best time to sell.

One of the best ways to sell your home fast and get the most from the sale is to sell to a cash home buyer. We buy houses Austin as-is, which means no repairs are needed, which saves you significant costs. What’s more, there are no costs or fees involved and you get to keep the entire proceeds from the sale.